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Being arrested can be a terrifying experience, and being convicted of a crime can devastate your entire future. A criminal conviction on your record can keep you from obtaining the employment, housing, and education of your choice for the rest of your life. Choosing an experienced Tampa criminal attorney can make all the difference in the outcome of your case. There is no substitute for the training and experience I have gained handling thousands of criminal cases in the Florida courts over the past sixteen years.

My experience allows me to recognize and develop every possible defense strategy available in order to resolve your case successfully. Whether it means suppressing the evidence against you, getting the charges dismissed or reduced, or trying the case before a jury, I am both skilled in, and devoted to, getting the best results possible in every case. When I go to trial, I will have fully investigated the case against you, and developed a plan to defeat the prosecution’s case. I understand that when a person is on trial, the only two phrases they most like to hear are "case dismissed" or "not guilty."

Whatever crime you have been charged with, contact, an experienced Tampa criminal lawyer today. I am ready to offer you a free initial consultation to discuss your situation. Call now.