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Charges of child abuse or neglect are very damaging. One mistake or accident can forever damage your ability to obtain or retain custody of your own children, or make it impossible for you to obtain employment having anything to do with children.

If you are accused of abusing or neglecting a child, you must consult a Tampa criminal lawyer experienced in child abuse and neglect cases immediately, preferably, before submitting to an interview or any questioning. Speaking to anyone, including anyone from the Department of Children and Families, regarding an allegation of child abuse or neglect without first consulting an attorney is a huge mistake, even if you feel you have done nothing wrong, or it was simply an accident. Whenever a child is injured or put in harm’s way the state will seek to make sure that someone answers for it. Unfortunately, the state does not always understand or accept that an accident has occurred. You must not give them the opportunity to use your explanation of the accident against you.

Take advantage of a free consultation with me before you respond to any request for an interview regarding a charge of child abuse or neglect. They may be planning to arrest you regardless of how you explain or defend yourself. In that cases, what you say while trying to explain why or how the child came to be in that situation will only come back to haunt you. Do not let them twist what you say while under the great stress and fear of a child abuse accusation against you. Your initial consultation is always free. If you retain me to represent you and I determine it is in your interest to grant an interview, I will attend that interview with you. There is no reason you should not call me first.

The emotional dynamics of child abuse and neglect cases are very different from other cases. As a former child abuse prosecutor for Hillsborough County, I am trained in how such investigations are conducted and in how these cases are brought to trial. When you need the strongest possible defense, call on my experience in achieving the best possible resolution of your child abuse or neglect case.

Like sex cases, child abuse cases are of special interest to the media, and sometimes coverage cannot be avoided. If the media is interested in your case, it is essential to have an experienced attorney on your side to prevent them from making you look like a monster to boost their ratings at the expense of your rights and your freedom. If your case is not on the media radar, I will seek to keep your case out of the media so that your reputation will not be trashed in the papers or on television.