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Tampa Computer Crime Attorney

Because technology is always evolving, computer crimes require a specialized level of criminal representation.  It can actually be easier to trace a computer crime to a specific computer or computer device, making it seemingly easier to tack down the perp than in other criminal cases.  But when the police link a computer crime to you or device that you use, you can find yourself in an uphill battle trying to prove your innocence against “hard” evidence.

At our criminal defense firm, our Tampa criminal lawyers work around the clock to defend clients just like you accused of committing computer crimes.  If you or someone you love is facing such charges, you need to contact us right away to begin your case.

In Tampa, computer crimes can be charged as misdemeanors or felonies, depending on the extent of the crime.  Extensive crimes such as bank fraud, identity theft, or hacking will likely result in felony charges, and can actually be considered federal crimes as well.

The laws concerning computer crimes are complex and confusing. It is vital that your Tampa criminal attorney know his way around the laws and the court rulings interpreting different comuter crimes. He must know when a search warrant has been illegally obtained, or executed, and when a "request" to search is invalid or improper. He must know whether the officer, or a confidential informant, has violated your rights during the investigation of your case. Your Tampa computer crime defense lawyer must also be able to tell when computer seizures and other collected evidence were illegally obtained or improperly recorded.

There are many ways to attack a charge for a computer crime. It takes experience to prove that your client neither actually nor intended to commit a computer crime. Contact our firm today to speak with a Tampa criminal attorney about your case.