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At the Law Office, your case will be handled by me, personally. I will not hand your case off to a recent law school graduate or junior associate with only a year or two of experience as a prosecutor or public defender. With sixteen years of trial experience as a prosecutor and a defense attorney, I have the training and experience needed to fight aggressively and protect your rights, your liberty, and your good name. Retaining my firm to represent you is like putting a wall between you and the prosecutor whose job it is to convict you. Do not even consider going against the prosecutors without an experienced Tampa criminal attorney on your side.

Your arrest may remain on your record forever unless you choose to do something about it right now. Get the help you need from someone you can trust, and who knows his way around the legal system.

The state prosecutors must give a jury proof beyond a reasonable doubt, which is a far heavier burden than the mere probable cause required to arrest you. Knowing how to exploit the weaknesses of your case is the key to convincing the prosecutor and or judge that your case should not be allowed to continue to trial. My experience allows me to know when the State’s case is weak, and when the procedures used to gather evidence against you were a violation of your rights. That knowledge and training can be used to suppress the evidence against you. No evidence, no case.

Your arrest does not always mean your case will end up in court. Whenever possible, I contact the prosecutors and discuss your case with them before they make their decision on whether to file formal charges. I have often been able to avoid the filing of a formal charge, or secure the filing of a reduced charge, by providing the prosecutors with additional facts, witnesses, and circumstances regarding the incident. That type of early involvement in a case, at the right time, in the proper manner, and with the right attorney, can result in your charges being dropped before any court hearings at all.

Of course, not all cases are so easily resolved. When the going gets tough, it is best to have a Tampa criminal attorney with the experience necessary to go the distance and to win. I have extensive experience and successes in the following types of criminal cases: