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Criminal Mischief in Florida

Criminal mischief charges are levied against anyone arrested for vandalism or graffiti. While some adults are caught and charged with the crime, it is largely a juvenile charge. Some parents whose children are accused of this crime believe the best way to teach them a lesson is by having them plead guilty and serve out their sentence. Unfortunately, this may drastically harm your child’s future. Instead, hire a skilled Tampa Criminal Attorney to help defend your child and then deal with the punishment for his or her actions at home, away from the courts.

When you leave your child without a good crime defense representation in Tampa, Florida, he or she is almost certain to be convicted. These convictions may stay on the teen’s criminal record forever, which may impact his or her ability to receive scholarship funds and state grants. It may also decrease his or her chances of getting into a good college or finding a high-paying job out of school.

In many cases, the charges will also come with fines, which you will be forced to pay. If you want your child to reimburse you for these fines, he or she may have a hard time doing so, since a conviction for these crimes also means a lost driver’s license. If you did not want to hire a Tampa criminal lawyer for your child for financial reasons, realize that either way you may be paying for your teen’s mistakes.

When you call Tampa criminal attorney about a criminal mischief accusation, the first thing we will do is approach the property owner. Your Tampa criminal attorney may be able to negotiate the owner dropping charges against your son or daughter in exchange for your agreement to repair the damage done by your child. This can be a good way to teach your child about responsibility without legal ramifications, as he or she can do the labor needed to repair the damage.

If the property owner will not agree to this arrangement, your Tampa criminal lawyer will then work to show the damage done was of minimal value. The severity of criminal mischief charges is based on the value of damage done to the property, so if the damage done costs less than $1000, your child will only be charged with a misdemeanor.

If your child has been accused of criminal mischief, please contact our offices immediately to schedule your free initial consultation with one of our attorneys.