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Domestic Violence Criminal Defense in Tampa


Domestic violence charges can be challenging not just for the person accused, but for their whole family. Many people in homes where domestic abuse allegedly occurs are out-casted or singled out for these suspicions. Parents can garner terrible reputations at the mere muttering of abuse. If the violence allegations start prior to, or during, divorce proceedings, the person accused can easily lose custody of the children. If you have been accused of domestic violence, it is crucial you speak with a Tampa Criminal Attorney.

These charges are actually enhancements for other charges. If for example, you are arrested and convicted of assault, if the crime was against a member of your household, you will have much more strict sentencing than standard assault convicts face. The original charge will still remain a misdemeanor or felony charge, regardless of the domestic violence enhancement. Sentences for these crimes will range between restraining orders and fines to life in prison. If you aren’t sure about the specific charges and penalties you are facing, please discuss the case with your Tampa criminal lawyer.

Whatever the actual charge, a Tampa criminal lawyer from our firm can help defend your innocence. Our criminal defense representation in Tampa, Florida has seen clients charged with a number of crimes carrying domestic violence enhancements, including:

If you have been accused of domestic violence, please contact us. A Tampa criminal attorney from our firm will be happy to discuss your case with you. Call today.