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Defense Attorney for Drug Crimes in Tampa, FL


Drug cases require special handling because they can have consequences not found in other cases. Did you know that a conviction on a charge of drug possession, even for a simple misdemeanor marijuana case, will cause your drivers license to be suspended for two years!

Unfortunately, drug trafficking charges can result from your possession of as few as four pills without a valid prescription, depending upon the drug and the size of the pills. Giving a friend or relative some of those pain pills your doctor gave you last year when you hurt your back can easily get you sent to prison from 3 years to life, depending on the number of pills. You do not even have to sell them, simply giving the pills to another person, to whom they were not prescribed, makes you both guilty of trafficking!

The drug laws are complex and confusing. It is vital that your Tampa criminal attorney know his way around the drug laws and the court rulings interpreting those drug cases. He must know when a search warrant has been illegally obtained, or executed, and when a "request" to search is invalid or improper. He must know whether the officer, or a confidential informant, has violated your rights during the investigation of your case. Your Tampa drug crime defense lawyer must also be able to tell when the phone taps were illegally obtained or improperly recorded.

There are many ways to attack a drug possession charge. Possession of an item can be either actual, as when you physically have it in your hand, or, constructive, as when drugs are found in the refrigerator of a house with four people living there. It takes experience to prove that your client neither actually nor constructively possessed the drug. Other defenses, such as entrapment, coercion, and violations of your right to free from illegal search or seizure require a highly skilled Tampa criminal attorney to be effective.