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Criminal Lawyer for Drug Possession in Florida

Drug Possession Defense

Because Florida is one our nation’s leading drug importers, the legislature takes every step it can to help stop the illegal flow of drugs into our country. Because there would be no supply without a demand, this means providing strict penalties to everyone involved in the trade, even those who simply use the drugs. If you have been caught with drugs in your possession, it is critical you work to fight these consequences with the help of a top Tampa criminal lawyer.

Our state prosecutes drug possession crimes on a sliding scale, based on the type of drug and the amount you were caught with. While most drug possession charges are felonies, any involving under 20 grams of marijuana will only be charged as misdemeanors. But don’t let the fact that these offenses are misdemeanors allow you to overlook the importance of working with a skilled Tampa criminal attorney. Even these charges can still leave you in jail for up to one year and that’s one year of your life you will never be able to get back.

If you were in possession of any other drug or had more than 20 grams of marijuana, you will face felony charges. When the drug was marijuana, the sentence will involve up to five years in prison and a fine of up to $5,000. If you were arrested with more than ten grams of any other drug, the charges will usually rise to become a first class felony. This means that you could be forced to spend the next 30 years in prison. In some cases, you may even have enough drugs in your possession to be charged with trafficking, which is an even more serious charge. Don’t give up your freedom without a fight. Please call our offices and schedule a consultation with a top Tampa criminal lawyer.

When you have been arrested in possession of drugs, it is critical you receive the defense representation you deserve.