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Regardless of whether your child is accused of a minor misdemeanor or a serious felony, it is imperative for them to have an experienced Tampa criminal defense attorney at their side in Juvenile Court to protect their rights and their future.

Unlike in the past, when what happened in juvenile court stayed in juvenile court, the current laws dictate that a juvenile’s criminal record shall appear as part of their adult record if they do not manage to stay out of trouble until the age of 23 or 24, depending upon the circumstances. The juvenile justice system is no longer a free ride. Not obtaining the proper advice and counsel for your child could easily result in them becoming ineligible for scholarships, for sealing or expungement of their juvenile record, or even for prosecution as an adult. The lack of competent legal advice, or worse, the wrong legal advice, might prevent them from ever being able to obtain a professional license as a teacher, doctor, lawyer, accountant, or nurse, just to name just a few examples.

When your child is in trouble, call the Law Firm with over sixteen years of experience working in the juvenile justice system, I will ensure that your child’s rights and future are protected. Do not entrust your child’s future to a system where the consequences of poor advice often do not become evident until years later when it is too late to do anything about it. Although you may be disappointed or angry with your child, teaching them a “life lesson” by advising them to plead guilty without a lawyer can have serious consequences that you never imagined. It may even be possible to have your child’s case transferred into a diversion program, so that the formal charges are not filed against them. All it takes is one telephone call to protect your child’s future.