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A violation of probation (VOP), or community control (VOCC), is a serious matter that requires serious attention. Violating the terms of your supervision usually means that the judge can sentence you to any legal sentence up to and including the maximum penalty allowed by law. In other words, although you did not receive a jail or prison sentence the first time around, it is possible for you to go to jail or prison if the judge finds that you violated your probation or community control.

Arrest warrants for violations of probation commonly carry no bond, meaning that without a private attorney, you might have to sit in jail for several weeks awaiting your hearing. An experienced Tampa criminal defense attorney should usually be able to get you a VOP or VOCC hearing within about two days. If you have violated your probation but have not been arrested yet, I can usually get your case into court without you having to turn yourself in.

Whether your alleged violations are technical, substantial, or both, it is important for your attorney to be experienced in handling VOP and VOCC cases. A new criminal offense committed while on probation puts you in great danger of going to jail or prison, but the right counsel by your side explaining the circumstances of your alleged violations might go along way towards avoiding a harsh sentence. Even technical violations require a skilled attorney to present the documentation or evidence to explain to the judge how your violations occurred and why they will not occur again.

Most people are uncomfortable or even unable to speak in public under the best of circumstances. Now imagine that you must speak for yourself in a crowded courtroom while facing life-altering consequences. You should not expect that when you are put on the spot in court your words will come naturally, clearly, and convincingly, and persuade the judge that you deserve another chance. There is simply no substitute for having an experienced Tampa criminal defense attorney to speak on your behalf. Let me present your situation and evidence in a manner designed to show the Judge that you deserve another chance. Even technical violations require the proper presentation of evidence and documentation if you hope to avoid harsh consequences and or additional conditions of probations.

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