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The mere accusation of a sex crime can ruin your life and social standing. The penalties for sex crimes are extremely harsh, and they can include mandatory registration as a sex offender or predator for the rest of your life.

If accused of a sex crime it is essential that you consult an attorney experienced in sex crimes as soon as possible, and before submitting to an interview or questioning. Do not make the serious mistake of speaking to anyone regarding an allegation of a sex crime without first consulting an experienced Tampa criminal attorney. Often times the police will speak to a suspect about a sex crime, just to see what they might say to incriminate themselves. Speaking to an investigator without first consulting a Tampa criminal lawyer is a mistake in almost every case, even when you are innocent. If they already have a case against you, they will probably arrest you regardless of what you might say to try to defend yourself. If not, there is no reason to give them the rope to hang you with. Your initial consultation is always free. Call me for free legal advice before you speak to anyone about your situation.

Sex cases can be very complicated, and they require special training and experience to achieve the best results. As a former sex crimes prosecutor for Hillsborough County, I have both the training and experience necessary to conduct the independent investigation required to provide the strongest possible defense of these very serious cases.

I will work to maintain the confidentiality of our meetings and strive to keep your case out of the public eye and out of the media as much as possible. Unless media exposure might help your particular case, there is usually little to gain and much at risk by allowing the case to be tried in the press or on television. Because media coverage cannot always be avoided, it is essential that any coverage be controlled as much as possible.

I have extensive experience with sex crime cases such as: