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Vandalism, sometimes referred to as criminal mischief, is the crime of intentionally damaging property that does not belong to you. Most vandalism charges are levied against minors and young adults, however any adult can be charged with vandalism too.

For instance, a lover’s quarrel may result in someone taking a key to a car.  This is considered an act of vandalism.  Even writing something on the wall of the bathroom in your office at work can result in a vandalism charge.

In many cases, the charges will also come with fines, which you will be forced to pay. If you do not want to hire a Tampa criminal lawyer for your vandalism charge, you must realize that even if you have a squeaky clean record, you will not is a conviction is reached.

When you call Tampa criminal attorney about a vandalism or criminal mischief accusation, the first thing we will do is approach the property owner. Your Tampa criminal attorney may be able to negotiate the owner dropping charges against you in exchange for your agreement to repair the damage.

If the property owner will not agree to this arrangement, your Tampa criminal lawyer will then work to show the damage done was of minimal value. The severity of any vandalism or criminal mischief charge is based on the value of damage done to the property, so if the damage done costs less than $1000, you child will only be charged with a misdemeanor.

If you have been accuse of vandalism, please contact our offices immediately to schedule your free initial consultation with one of our attorneys.